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Vermont Agriculture Leaders Endorse Molly Gray for Congress

Apr 12, 2022
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Burlington, VT Today, Lt. Governor Molly Gray, a Democratic Candidate for Congress, announced a slate of endorsements from 14 agriculture leaders across Vermont. These endorsers include dairy and vegetable farmers, meat producers, greenhouse owners, and former Vermont Secretaries of Agriculture.

“Workforce shortages, supply chain issues, climate change: they’ve all converged to make times tough for our farmers,” Gray said. “Here in Vermont and nationally, we’re seeing how food, climate, and economic security are inextricably linked. As Vermont’s Congresswoman, I’ll carry on the historic leadership of our congressional delegation by protecting and expanding key provisions in the Farm Bill to support Vermont farmers, tackling comprehensive immigration reform, and boosting domestic production to strengthen supply chains.”

Gray was born and raised at Four Corners Farm, a diversified fruit, vegetable, and dairy farm in South Newbury still operated by her family today. As Lieutenant Governor she has supported Vermont’s statewide response to COVID-19, worked to address food insecurity, and advocated for increased investment in local, resilient food systems and supply chains.

“This impressive lineup of farmers and agriculture leaders exemplifies much of what makes Lt. Governor Gray a unique statewide leader and candidate for Congress,” Samantha Sheehan, Gray’s Campaign Manager, said. “Lt. Governor Gray understands firsthand the needs of Vermont farmers; she also possesses the legal, policy, and leadership skills to be effective in Congress. No other candidate in this race has her combination of lived and professional experience.”

“Farming teaches you scrappiness, practicality, and resilience,” said Gray. “There are no Fridays on the farm, and there are no Fridays in public service. It’s a labor of love. You’ve got to love what you do. As Vermont’s Congresswoman, I’ll approach each day with that same labor of love as I fight for our working families, our communities, and our state.”

Endorsements from Agriculture Leaders

Chuck Ross, former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Food, and Markets and former State Director for Senator Leahy: “As a former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture and State Director for Senator Leahy, I know the importance of communication and collaboration between farmers and government leaders. Vermont is at its best when our farmers and our public servants are on the same team. Having grown up on a family farm, worked in the halls of Congress, and served as Lieutenant Governor, Molly is uniquely qualified to serve as a conduit between government and agriculture. There will be no learning curve for Molly; she’s known farming her whole life. I’m excited to see what she’ll accomplish in Congress.”

Roger Allbee, former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Food And Markets and former Legislative Aide to Senator Jim Jeffords: “Molly Gray has my support for Vermont’s Congressional seat to the U.S. House of Representatives. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her candidacy, of the State, its history, its land, and its people.  She also brings a unique passion for our State’s future.”

Kate and Seth Leach, Woodlawn Farm, Pawlet: “Seven generations of our family have farmed Vermont’s Mettawee Valley, and we know from experience that the future of farms like ours depends on hard work, innovation, and leaders who value sustainability, food system resilience, and agricultural communities. Molly’s values come from growing up on a small family farm just like ours, and we need a Vermonter like her in Washington. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Molly Gray for Congress.”

Pete Johnson, Owner of Pete’s Greens, Craftsbury: “Molly comes from a great Vermont farming family who embody the traits that make our rural economy special: hard work, a focus on quality, and care for those who are less fortunate. Our government could benefit from a fresh face like Molly who can bring rural Vermont’s commonsense approach to Washington.”

Howard Prussack, Owner of High Meadows Farm, Putney: “As the owner of Vermont’s oldest certified organic farm, I am proud to endorse Molly Gray for Lieutenant Governor. I have known the Gray family for over 40 years. They are hard-working, honest and true to the ideals that make Vermont unique. I know Molly understands the needs of Vermont’s family farms and all they offer to our communities, state, and region. Molly will be a strong voice for Vermont’s farms and family-owned businesses.”

John Roberts, Butterwick Farm, Cornwall: “Molly Gray’s broad and real-life experiences to date are a major plus for Vermont. As someone who has been involved in Vermont agriculture all my working life, I know Molly’s interest and understanding of the role that agriculture can play in Vermont’s economy and in the whole New England region will be a plus. Being brought up on a real working farm still run by her family today shows a strength of character that will serve Vermont well. Molly will make an excellent Congresswoman for Vermont and a partner for farmers in Washington.”

Ross Thurber & Amanda Ellis-Thurber, Owners & Operators of Lilac Ridge Farm, Brattleboro: “We support Molly Gray for Congress because we believe in her work ethic and her ability to build connection and strength in all corners of Vermont. As farmers, we are closely connected to our natural resources and respect that balance is essential for sustainability. We understand that nurturing the interconnection of soil health, animal health, family health, and community health is our job and that to survive we need to replenish the soil and foster positive connections with our neighbors. We believe that Molly Gray will bring these values to Washington with optimism, balance, and hard work that represents Vermont.”

Mike Isham & Helen Weston, Owners of Isham Family Farm, Williston: “As a fifth-generation farmer, I know that our Vermont family farms offer much more than food to our neighbors and stewardship to our land. Our farms also offer places for community building and community gathering. We need a Representative in Washington who understands all our Vermont farms have to offer. That Representative is Molly Gray. She is the real deal. All of us here at Isham Family Farm are proud to support Molly for Congress!”

Bill Cavanaugh, Farm Business Advisor & Meat Production Educator, Granville: “Working with young farmers, food producers, small businesses, and Vermonters training to achieve the skills and education they need to enter these fields – I understand that we need bold investment in workforce development and in our working lands. I believe that Molly will be the champion we need in Washington to deliver the resources and programs Vermont needs to build strong, resilient food systems for generations to come.”

Theresa Snow, Vermont Food Systems Leader, Greensboro: “What gets me excited about Molly Gray’s candidacy for Congress is our shared experience and understanding of what it means to be a steward of the land, community, and sustainable food systems. We both grew up in rural Vermont and made a choice to invest in this place we are lucky enough to call home. More than that, Molly knows that strong local food systems are essential for the dignity of all people. We need thoughtful leaders like Molly in Washington to take on the complex environmental and social challenges we collectively face. I’m proud to support her candidacy for Congress.”

Hanna Holm, Dairy Farmer, Williston: “As a young Vermonter working in the dairy industry, I want to ensure that our state’s agricultural history is preserved while also moving towards sustainable future farming practices that will combat the climate crisis. With her many years of experience in government and farming, Molly knows how to do this to ensure that my generation and all those to come have a secure future living and working in the state that we love. For these reasons and many more, I am thrilled to endorse Molly for Congress.”

Gray announced her run for the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday, December 6, 2021. Gray was sworn in as Vermont’s 82nd Lieutenant Governor on January 7, 2021. If elected in 2022, Gray will be the first woman in Vermont’s history to hold federal office. More information about Gray’s campaign for Congress can be found here.


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