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Sen. Balint Joins Lt. Gov. Gray in Commitment to Reject Super PAC Spending in Democratic Primary

Jun 09, 2022

Winooski, VT – At tonight’s VPR-PBS Democratic Congressional debate, Lt. Governor Molly Gray, a Democratic Candidate for Congress, called for Sen. Becca Balint to join her in formally rejecting outside support from Independent Expenditure PACs, commonly referred to as “Super PACs.”

On the debate stage, Gray said: “Bernie Sanders has said, quote, ‘Super PAC money is not welcome in Democratic primaries.’ I’m with Bernie on this. Will you join me tonight in making two commitments: First, to publicly reject any outside groups spending in this primary? And second, should any groups put up ads, joining me in a joint press conference the next day denouncing them and demanding the ads be taken down?”. Sen. Balint responded with an unequivocal “yes.”

Following the debate, Gray said: “I’m so pleased that Sen. Balint joined me in my commitment this evening. With Super PAC money pouring into races across the country, here in Vermont we’re going to do things differently. ”

What’s happening nationally:

What Sen. Bernie Sanders has to say:

  • “I have not heard any criticism from Democratic leaders about the many millions of dollars in dark money being spent by super PACs that are now attempting to buy Democratic primaries… I am writing to you today to demand that the Democratic National Committee make it clear that super PAC money is not welcome in Democratic primaries.” (Full May 17 letter here)

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