As Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor I’ve traveled to every corner of our state, hearing directly from Vermonters about the most pressing issues impacting their lives.

As Vermont’s Congresswoman, I’ll deliver real solutions for the four central crises facing Vermont: workforce, housing, caregiving, and climate, and I’ll continue our legacy of leadership in Washington on foreign policy and civil rights.



As Lieutenant Governor, I’ve talked with hundreds of Vermonters across the state directly impacted by our workforce crisis. From emergency rooms to checkout counters to child care centers, workforce shortages are holding back our local economy. Our workforce is shrinking, and across our state we have reached a crisis point in nearly every sector, particularly […]

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Vermont has an aging population and a shrinking workforce, meaning too many Vermonters are caught in a burdensome middle – caring for aging parents and young children at the same time. As Vermonters we care for each other, but that shouldn’t mean giving up a paycheck. This issue is personal to me. Years ago, while […]

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All Vermonters deserve safe, affordable housing close to where they work. To eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of growing our state’s housing supply, we will need significant, structural investment. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ve seen that our housing crisis hurts every community. Nearly every business owner and employer I have met across the […]



Here in Vermont, our recreation and agriculture industries are squarely in the bullseye of climate change. In my own life, I have seen profound changes – every winter we have fewer big snow events and instead, more rainy days and freezing nights. Vermont is not Vermont without skiing, snowmobiling and maple syrup. I know that […]

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Foreign Policy

Vermont has long been a moral north star in American foreign policy. Leaders such as Sen. George Aiken and Sen. Patrick Leahy have shown us that our nation is at its best when we follow our highest values – not our worst instincts.  As an international human rights lawyer by training, I will draw on […]

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Voting Rights

Across the country, we continue to witness false election claims, attacks on non-partisan election officials, and an effort to roll back the tools necessary to ensure equal access to the ballot box by Trump-backed Republicans. Here in Vermont, we boast some of the most accessible and transparent elections in the country. As your Congresswoman, I’ll […]

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Reproductive Rights

Vermont has always been a leader in the fight to ensure affordable, accessible reproductive health care for all. But today, 50 years after Roe v. Wade, the right to reproductive liberty is under threat in communities across our country. That’s why as Lieutenant Governor I was proud to support Proposal 5 which would enshrine reproductive […]

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There is no doubt that our healthcare system is flawed. We spend far more money on healthcare than any industrialized country in the world, and our outcomes are far worse than most. Out-of-pocket costs are way too high, and millions of Americans have no healthcare coverage at all. I will be a champion for universal […]


In my hometown of Newbury, one in three kids do not have access to the internet. Statewide, more than 50,000 homes and businesses do not have access to broadband. Spotty and unreliable internet and cellular service continue to hold back Vermonters. Inequities in access to the internet mean too many Vermonters are confronted with massive […]


Gun Safety

From schools to supermarkets to places of worship, the risk of gun violence is a constant, simmering threat in our communities. From Uvalde, Texas to Buffalo, New York, we have seen high-powered weapons in the wrong hands inflict needless suffering on innocent Americans. It doesn’t have to be this way. We must act to pass […]

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