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All Vermonters deserve safe, affordable housing close to where they work. To eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of growing our state’s housing supply, we will need significant, structural investment.

As Lieutenant Governor, I’ve seen that our housing crisis hurts every community.

Nearly every business owner and employer I have met across the state feels the lack of local, affordable, quality housing is their greatest barrier to recruiting and retaining employees. Home ownership feels especially out of reach for BIPOC Vermonters; Black households in the state have a homeownership rate of 21%, compared with white households’ homeownership rate of 70%.

We must boost our housing supply while preserving our state’s natural beauty; housing development should focus on vibrant, walkable downtowns and making our existing housing stock safe, energy-efficient, and accessible.

In Congress, I’ll tackle Vermont’s housing crisis through federal action to:

  • Modernize wastewater and sewer, by re-upping the commitments made in the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.
  • Address supply chain issues for building materials by voting to pass the America Competes Act to boost domestic productivity and competitiveness.
  • Expand support for eviction prevention, and establish the Emergency Assistance Fund to provide short-term financial assistance for vulnerable tenants (The Eviction Crisis Act)
  • Support new homeownership through financial support to first-generation home buyers (The LIFT Act and The Jobs & Neighborhood Investment Act).

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