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Here in Vermont, our recreation and agriculture industries are squarely in the bullseye of climate change. In my own life, I have seen profound changes – every winter we have fewer big snow events and instead, more rainy days and freezing nights. Vermont is not Vermont without skiing, snowmobiling and maple syrup. I know that our strongest strategy is one where every family and business can be a part of our clean energy future. 

Vermont has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26% below 2005 levels by 2025 and to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. To achieve this, we have to weatherize at least 90,000 additional homes, install 112,000 additional heat pumps, and get more than 150,000 electric vehicles on the road. That’s a big job – and we need a strong partner in Congress to deliver the support necessary to get it done.

In Congress, I’ll make sure our state is at the forefront of on bold climate action, by:

  • Making electric vehicles affordable for every family, while also making it easier to get around via public transit.
  • Bringing every home and business along by redoubling investment in weatherization and clean heat, and growing our local renewable energy business sector through incentives and workforce development.
  • Setting strong Climate Targets for the U.S. and foster international cooperation. That starts with honoring our commitments under the Paris Agreement.
  • Ending taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuel companies and fully decarbonizing the American electric grid by implementing a system of incentives and fines to steer electricity producers towards zero-carbon technologies and fulfill President Biden’s goal to have the grid be 100% clean by 2035.
  • Holding elected officials accountable by implementing Congressional ethics rules to prevent Members of Congress from voting on legislation related to the energy sector if their earnings from fossil fuels exceed their congressional salary.

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