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There is no doubt that our healthcare system is flawed. We spend far more money on healthcare than any industrialized country in the world, and our outcomes are far worse than most. Out-of-pocket costs are way too high, and millions of Americans have no healthcare coverage at all.

I will be a champion for universal coverage, as well as immediate action to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. I work to build on the success of the Affordable Care Act (which ensures care to 23 million Americans, including 26,705 Vermonters); I’ll protect Vermonters’ coverage from Republican attacks.

As we work towards Medicare for All, I’ll focus on tangible steps we can take now. These include:

  • Allowing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies over prescription drug pricing.
  • Adding dental, hearing, and vision benefits to Medicare.
  • Giving mental health care the investment it deserves, on par with physical health care.
  • Robustly funding programs for those facing substance abuse disorder, such as the Opioid Treatment Access Act to expand access to medically assisted treatment.
  • Incentivising Medicaid expansion in all 50 states, even those with governments that have been resistant.

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