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Voting Rights

Across the country, we continue to witness false election claims, attacks on non-partisan election officials, and an effort to roll back the tools necessary to ensure equal access to the ballot box by Trump-backed Republicans.

Here in Vermont, we boast some of the most accessible and transparent elections in the country. As your Congresswoman, I’ll enshrine many of our Vermont voter protections in federal law. That starts with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.

Using those bills and others, I will strive to keep our democracy free and fair by fighting to:

  • Protect voters’ right to vote early, vote-by-mail, and use ballot drop boxes.
  • Enable Election Day (same-day) voter registration nationwide. 
  • Protect the right of local elections officials to send eligible voters information about how to vote, including an application for a mail-in ballot. 
  • Address voter intimidation; and end discriminatory practices that restrict equal access to the ballot box.

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