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Brattleboro Reformer

Commentary by Molly Gray: American law is in crisis

The majority of Americans agree on fundamental rights, on the danger of climate change, and the unacceptable threat of gun violence in our communities. We cannot surrender American law to a radical Supreme Court.



How endorsements can help set similar candidates apart

Becca Balint and Molly Gray broadly support the same policies. So voters instead have to look to endorsements to see who supports the candidates and what types of leaders they would be.


Valley Reporter

Molly Gray runs for U.S. Congress

Molly Gray (D), Lt. Governor of Vermont, is running for the congressional seat that will be vacated by Peter Welch (D) as he runs for U.S. Senate.



Primary Preview: Meet the Democrats running for US House

The race has also been defined by endorsements, helping Democratic voters understand which influential leaders support each candidate. The more moderate Gray has deep connections with the Vermont Democratic Party faithful, including Senator Patrick Leahy and Rep. Peter Welch, who she used to work for. She has also earned the endorsements of former Governors Howard […]


St. Albans Messenger

‘Right person at the right time:’ Why Molly Gray wants to be Vermont’s first U.S. Congresswoman

Gray is particularly interested in how the state’s housing, childcare and workforce challenges intersect and said Vermont cannot fix these issues on its own. Transformative, structural change will only come via federal support.


Seven Days

Former Gov. Madeleine Kunin Endorses Molly Gray for Congress

Madeleine Kunin, the first — and only — woman ever elected Vermont governor, has endorsed Lt. Gov. Molly Gray in her primary race for the state’s sole seat in the U.S. House.


Addison Independent

Letter to the editor: Molly Gray is strong on issues – by Abby Blum

I am writing to express my support for Lt. Gov. Molly Gray in her race for the U.S. House of Representatives. As an environmentalist, nonprofit professional and expecting mother, I feel that Molly is best qualified to get to work tackling my top policy priorities.


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